International Cross-Server Trading

This is a concept that many MMOG players have dreamed of – a system where different servers can trade to enlarge the economy and to make the game more interesting. I’m sure just like me, there are also many gamers who brought this concept to better heights. This time, to give each server items that can only be crafted and found in their own server. With a cross-server trading system, the people of each server can trade those unique items.

Follow up:

GoonZu Online recently announced the launch of GoonZu’s International Cross-Server Trading. Yes, “international”. Meaning, players from the Global GoonZu Online can trade with the players of GoonZu Online Korea, who can also trade with the players from Kunshu Japan. And its not about just trading with your international neighbors. Each server will have unique items that can only be found or crafter in their servers.

With such a system comes an international currency unit, without it, each server will surely be vulnerable to the economy changes of the other servers. A some sort of a medium is needed to balance the fluctuating economies. Here comes that Absolute Currency Unit or ACU (which is similar to the real ACU which means Asian Currency Unit, Korea spreading the ACU concept by influencing the minds of the Asian youth?). If there are economists in GoonZu, they will know that they have to pegged their server’s economy to the ACU. This ACU can be bought by players in a Trading Port via an NPC, then they can use the ICST (International Cross-Server Trade) system, which happens in real-time.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. Interaction between servers will give a whole new meta to the game, a whole new view, a whole new dimension, and gamers are dreaming of those. What could be next after this? How about World of Warcraft’s upcoming Cross-Server BattleGrounds, or for non-WoW players, a cross-server PvP arena system. What’s next after that? Let’s see, an in-game portal that will allow us to go in a place where we can meet the players from the other servers and create a whole new story? Or perhaps, a system where we can meet with players in other games? We can only dream, and it is these dreams that will be the reality of tomorrow.

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