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I visited Groovenet.ph today and talked to Gregory Kittelson (former Product Manager of Gunbound), who founded a new company with David Foote – the original two founders of Mobius Online Games (Digital Media Exchange, Inc.) – about Groovenet.ph and There! Philippines.

(Update/Errata: corrected the ‘founders’)

Follow up:

Groovenet.ph is unique in that it was developed by Filipinos for the Filipinos, similar to MySpace and Friendster. And There! Philippines is linked to it.

So what’s new? Groovenet’s using the latest in technologies – Web2.0, AJAX, and the great Filipino webdeveloper minds. Together they created and is continually creating a new social-networking service that is for a culture of social-oriented society/people – the Filipinos (and the rest of Asia). Though their service is new, features are continually added and developed, while existing features are being improved and enhanced. Groovenet’s SNS is simple, fast, and flexible. It is not filled with ADvertisements, it is neat and clean, and is not full of features only the hardcore will ever use – which as we all know, many current popular SNS are full of, features majority do not need or even understand.

Back to There! Philippines, the first time I saw this game during its international beta testing, it did not appeal to me much. I can say because I was spoiled by “The Sims” (not the online version) and I’m not into MMO-SNS-games. I also played Second Life, and I never liked it, for one, the controls are not user-friendly.

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