Heroes of Might and Magic Online Goes Closed Beta

Remember Heroes of Might and Magic? Yeah, that classic turn-based game before all these eye-candy and online multiplayer games dominated the market?

NO?!! You don’t remember this?

Follow up:

How about the reboot version?

Do you remember now? Good news for you, Heroes of Might and Magic Online, a massively multiplayer online game (“MMOG”) from TQ Digital and franchise owner Ubisoft has entered closed beta for the English speaking Asian market.

You read that right, English-speaking Asian market. HoMMO was originally for the Chinese-speaking market only. It is a 2.5D MMOG that was released on May 2008 and now testing the English version.

The game is set in the same world as Heroes III (aka HoMM III) where players can choose heroes from eight factions comprising a total of 56 unit types. This is in contrast to the new world Ubisoft introduced after acquiring the franchise from 3DO Company from HoMM V onwards.

Gameplay in Heroes of Might and Magic Online is as varied as it is beautiful, with gorgeous graphics complementing your epic quest to prove your valiant leadership.

Develop elaborte castles that dominate the skyline of bustling metropolis Harmondale – epicenter of trade in the sweeping Antagarichean continent – plunder resources in exhilarating missions and fortify your armies against the inevitable wars of domination that lie ahead as you carve out your own legacy like the legions of plucky adventurers before you.

The game features are:

  • First Persistent World Turn-Based Strategy MMO
  • 8 towns, 16 classes, and 56 creatures
  • Hundreds of campaigns with epic storylines
  • Unique Anima and Dragon Scale Forge System
  • Glorious Guild Building and Exciting Guild Wars
  • Challenging Arena and PK Tournaments
  • Heroes can build towns of different factions
  • and many more!

You can register for the closed beta by visiting the official website at homm.91.com. Get on to it while closed beta keys are still being given away “openly”.

  • OS: Windows Vista; XP; 2000; 98se
  • Processor: 800MHz or faster processor speed
  • RAM: 127MB
  • Video Card: Video Accelerator Card (for 3D graphics) with 16MB RAM or higher
  • HD: 1GB of free hard drive space
  • Internet connection with 56Kbps or faster connection speed is required
  • DirectX 8.1 or higher with compliant video and sound card

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