Guild Wars Eye of the North (GWEN) Developer Diary

If you are a fan of Guild Wars and/or waiting for the missing little girl “Gwen” to reappear, then you surely are waiting for Guild Wars: Eye of the North or GW:EN, the first true expansion of Guild Wars (ie not stand-alone expansion). has posted a Developer Diary from the GW:EN GameDev Team, giving us a small taste of the plot for this expansion. It is a must read for every Guild Wars fan, as it tells us initial info as to what has happened with the Kingdoms of Kryta and Ascalon, and the invading Charr.

Here’s a quote:

Follow up:

The Depths
The Dwarves have provided limited information about the mysteries they have uncovered beneath the earth. Initial reports describe an immense, interconnected, underground complex the Dwarves call ‘the Depths of Tyria’. The Depths are a combination of natural caves and excavations by the Dwarves and other subterranean races housing structures left behind by previous civilizations that date back to a time before the arrival of humans in Tyria.

The Depths are connected by a series of magical gateways that allow swift travel through miles of earth and stone. These gateways were created by creatures known as the Asura. Little is known of this race as its members have not been spotted on the surface in ages, but legends suggest that they are diminutive creatures with large eyes and long ears. The Dwarves also ascribe great magical power and extreme intelligence to these mysterious beings.

Read the GW:EN Developer Diary by clicking here.

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