FUN games kills Illegal Gold Farmers

An interesting post by SecurePlay in PlayNoEvil entitled Virtual Outsourcing Threatens No Jobs – Online Games in the International Herald Tribune (IHT).

Follow up:


As usual, Korea points the way out of this morass. By creating games that are FUN without levels and that you BUY ASSETS, but play for free (based on my limited understanding, this started or broke through with Kart Rider) and now more than half of the online games in Korea use a free-to-play, pay for stuff, model. No gold farming, no problem. Sony has broken the code. They are coming out with a free-to-play MMO next year.

I strongly agree to what was said and posted. And sadly, many Western gamers do not understand the concept, the value, the potential of what Korea introduced to the market. Until now, majority of the Western gamers still view it as “negative”, “bad”, and “evil”, while the game developers and publishers are already seeing its potential. Oh, some game publishers who are mostly dominated by Western executives still put the Virtual Asset Sales (VAS) model as a business model that will never work. No wonder their companies are being eaten up alive by game publishers like E-Games Philippines and other game publishers that already embraced the Virtual Asset Sales (VAS) model.

Let me say this simple thing: There is MONEY in Free-for-Life Online Games. (- that is, if you know how to run that type of business model.)

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