Experience the life of a Prisoner in this Online Game

I came across this new online game called PrisonServer: The Online Prison Game while surfing the net. Simply, it is an online game…

Follow up:

where players are one of the prisoners of a prison or jail set in the preset time, so don’t look for swords and wizardry to help you survive. Players will be able to become a gang leader – which is typical in any prison in the real-world. Again just like in the real-world prisons, there are rankings here as well as gangs (or clans/guilds). The game is PvP centered, but new players can avoid PvP at the beginning of their prison life.

The English version of the game is going to launch soon, if you want to see the game in action, check out the video and screenshots here, then get your free account by registering here and pre-download the game client today.

Something to wait for? I will definitely check this game out.

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