Diablo 3, StarCraft 2, or something new?

Next month, Blizzard will announce a new game during the Worldwide Invitational event. We all heard about the rumours that Blizzard is developing Diablo 3 Online, StarCraft Universe, StarCraft 2… it all started when Blizzard issued a call to their ex-employees… the Blizzard Community then argued it will be Diablo 3 Online or StarCraft Universe, saying that they’re hoping for the same success being enjoyed by World of Warcraft.

Here’s Blizzard’s official response after Kotaku contacted them:

Follow up:

We do intend to announce a new product at the Worldwide Invitational next month in Korea, and we appreciate the enthusiasm and interest in getting an advance look at what that will be, but players will have to wait until May 19th to find out more. Also, we have a very strong connection with the characters and settings of StarCraft, and we do plan to revisit that universe at some point in the future, but we don’t have anything new to announce in that regard at present.

So which game? Definitely there will be a new StarCraft, whether it will be StarCraft 2 or StarCraft Universe, that’s remain to be seen. The new game, it can be Diablo 3, Diablo 3 Online, the Lost Vikings Online (to compete with Granado Espada lol), or some new game of Blizzard, or maybe, the “new game” and “new StarCraft” are one and the same.

Let’s wait then, next month, to WWI Korea!!

Posted a reply at GM Tristan Online: Starcraft 2 Rumors to be settled on May 19?, quoted below:

When it comes to StarCraft, either StarCraft 2 or ‘StarCraft Universe’(TM – hehe :p ) (coined by yours truly).

The setup should either be one of these two:
Setup 1:
New Game: StarCraft 2
New MMO: Diablo 3 Online (as coined by Battle.Net fans)

Setup 2:
New Game: Diablo 3
New MMO: StarCraft Universe

I’m voting more on the Setup 2, as a Diablo 3 Online will directly compete with WoW being the same genre.

Additionally, a ‘StarCraft Universe’ MMOG ‘might’ give Blizzard the elusive #1 spot in Korea, which as we all know WoW only held for a few weeks.

You can read further about my PoV here -> /Games/2007/04/27/diablo_3_starcraft_2_or_something_new
May 7, 2007 10:04 AM”

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