Chance Cards from MONOPOLY City Streets

Update 2009-07-13: Added 2 Fines; Added 1 Hazard
Update 2009-07-12: Added 2 Awards; 1 Fine; 1 Hazard

I have been playing the newest browser-based MMOG MONOPOLY City Streets, and I am enjoying it a lot despite the slowness of their servers due to the unexpected millions of people interested to build their properties empire.

And during the course of my empire building, I received Chance Cards that allowed me to bulldoze someone else’s buildings, build a bonus building, put a hazard on my competitors, and even receive free M$500,000!!

Follow up:

Here are the Chance Cards I got from the game after playing since the September 9th launch. I divided this into one category per page for easy updating and viewing because I am expecting to see more Chance Cards in the next few days (or weeks).

Of course you can also help submit Chance Cards not yet on this list by taking a screenshot of it, upload it somewhere, leave a comment with the URL and I will take it from there. Just do not forget to leave your website/blog URL and the name you want to be credited for.

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