Champions Online End-of-Beta Event

The Open Beta of Champions Online already ended but it does not mean it is all over. In fact, this is just the beginning of the latest super-hero MMORPG that entered into its commercial phase.

And to make the open beta memorable to everyone, the Champions Team held an event for the beta testers. What else? The infamous “End-of-Beta” event that started with Ultima Online! (I think an online game without an end-of-beta event seriously need to re-calibrate their thinking to cater to their (future) community instead of the technical side of things.)

Watch three high definition videos of Champions Online End of Beta Event after the jump. (I will also show you where to order with free shipping.)

Follow up:

You can buy Champions Online via Play-Asia and they will ship it to you. They offer various shipping methods and this is a very well tested online store. Just click the images below to buy your Champions Online retail box and prepaid time card.

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