Blizzard’s statement about RMT – the Secondary Market of MMOGs

After so many years, here’s another official statement from an online gaming company regarding RMT (Real-Money Trading) which is the lucrative Secondary Market of MMOGs.

Here are some excerpts that I find very good to spread.

What many people don’t realize when buying gold is the large impact it has on the game economy, and also how the companies selling gold obtain it. Our developers, in-game support, and anti-hack teams work diligently to stop the exploits these companies use and help players who have become victims of their services. We regularly track the source of the gold these companies sell, and find that an alarmingly high amount comes from hacked accounts.

Selling gold for real money and having characters power-leveled are violations of our Terms of Use and End User License Agreement, and we regularly take corrective action when we find that these services have been used. We hope the information presented here is helpful to anyone considering buying gold or using a power-leveling service; these are just a few reasons that those services can negatively impact World of Warcraft and other games, and we strongly encourage players not to support the companies that offer them.

Read the full statement here: Purchased gold comes at every player’s expense

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