Audition Online Dance Battle – Player Sample Videos

Here are some videos I created for the coming Audition Philippines – a Multiplayer Online Casual Dance Game that is taking the world by storm – how? Players from different MMORPGs I play talks about Audition Online Dance Battle!!

And I myself spends time with Audition since I started playing the game during the Audition Closed Beta Korea. Instead of playing Guild Wars and/or World of Warcraft, I am playing Audition. Why is it so appealing to me and many others? Words can not explain it, so see for yourself by watching these videos.

Follow up:

Second time I reached past x4 ‘Perfect’ combos and a sample of the “Choreograph” mode.

I’m going to post the other videos later, we just lost electricity so I have to restart uploading the videos to Google Video. You’ll see the other exciting battle modes of Audition in the other videos so watch out for it!

Other Video:
Video #5

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