A Time to Remember, A Time for Celebration

“Days of Remembrance” which was formerly known as DE Day (Defeat of Earth Day)
This is the celebration on remembering our friends and families who fell and are still fighting back on Planet Earth. Every year, starting on 21st December, the Days of Remembrance celebration begins.

“Resurgence Day”
This is the day when the Humans and Foreans took back Foreas Base from Bane control. The day when two Sentient Beings has proven once-and-for-all that to survive and win over the Bane, Sentient races must unite and work together. This paved the way for the formation of the AFS or the Allied Free Sentients.

Source: Official Lore / Canon Lore of Tabula Rasa, released by NCsoft via Massively.
Part One: https://www.massively.com/2007/12/18/tabula-rasa-a-time-to-remember/
Part Two: https://www.massively.com/2007/12/19/tabula-rasa-a-time-to-remember-part-two/

Player Run event together with General British will be on 21st December 2000H CST Foreas Base District 3.

For my fellow ASEANs, it will be on 22nd December 1000H ACT (ASEAN Common Time).

See you all there!!

This is a Tabula Rasa Role-Playing / Lore event.

* If you still haven’t played Tabula Rasa created by the father of PC RPG and MMORPG “Richard Garriott” of the Ultima and Ultima Online fame (aka Lord British), be sure to check out the official website at RGTR.com or buy Tabula Rasa now by clicking here.

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