8 Wolves have appeared in the World!

Wolfteam is the latest in First Person Shooters, developed by Softnyx and distributed by mobiusgames in the Philppines. The game now has a total of 8 wolves, with the addition of the last were-form; the psycho wolf.

Wolfteam is a unique First Person Shooter that features character transformation to a were-wolf. The game allows you to harness the beast’s supernatural powers for the forces of good. From launch, various wolves were created to add a new flavor to the first person shooter genre. By combining such winning features as weapon diversity, and dark fantasy elements, now you can carry out multiple military operations in a total of 8 wolf forms that have unique abilities.

Follow up:

  • The Guardian wolf-form is immune to bullets. It accomplishes this by making its skin harder than the most advanced Kevlar.
  • The Smart wolf-form is a master of agility in his actions and can consume the blood of his enemies to regenerate wounds and damage from combat.
  • The Ghost wolf and ghost wolf2 forms can camouflage their bodies in certain conditions that render them invisible to the naked eye.
  • The Berserker can devastate the enemy lines by detonating itself in tight situations.
  • The Ice wolf fires bolts of ice that can freeze its enemies in place.
  • The Psycho wolf uses supernatural powers allowing him to telekinetically move his enemies out of his way or bash them against the wall.

can achieve victory my mapping out a strategy that employs each wolf’s ability for the killing blow.

With each feature of wolf forms, players can now take advantage of this beast’s supernatural powers to form tactical advantages in the field.

Special hand grenades have been developed to counter those that would exploit this new wolf form in combat. Each new grenade has unique features. These can be cruelly efficient in taking down the wolves they were meant to destroy.

MK-6G attracts the enemy and detonates upon the proximity of a wolf form. Although the radius of the blast is smaller compared to conventional grenades, the wolf caught in its blast is sure to be devastated.

MK-6EG damages an enemy using an incendiary explosion. Once deployed, it causes the enemy a great amount of aggravated damage.

The MK-6E is primarily used as an incendiary weapon, designed to ignite the ground and anything that stands within the fire radius. This modified version of the MK-6EG has one more advantage in that it can be equipped on the secondary weapon slot.

In addition, to these features, Softnyx develops new battle maps on a regular basis to bring more battlefront’s to the emerging soldier.

You can try out WolfTeam for free here. You can also read the Press Release.

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