Philippine Online Games List for Online Games that Shutdown – June 3, 2007 Sunday – gameshogun™ Since 2003

Philippine Online Games List – June 3, 2007 Sunday, 10:30pm ACT (ASEAN Common Time) – Online Games that were discontinued, went offline, or merged/transferred to an International service/server.

Follow up:

1) SkyRaiders Philippines | SR-PH
Official PH-Site:
Game Service Provider (GSP): Z-Zone Philippines, Inc. |
Company: MAGICS Co., Ltd. |

Status: temporarily offline

2) Vital Sign Philippines | VSP
Official PH-Site:
Game Service Provider (GSP): Pacific Asia Gaming Network (PaGn) |
Company: Pacific Internet Ltd. / iGames Asia Pte Ltd |

* Since VitalSign Philippines is connected to VitalSign South-East Asia and there are no new updates since 2005 from the VS-Philippine website, we are putting the game in this list until otherwise corrected.

3) Philippine Gunbound World Champion | GWC-PH
Official PH-Site:
Game Service Provider (GSP): Mobius Online |
Company: Digital Media Exchange, Inc. (dme) |

Status: Commercial
Subscription: Virtual Asset Sales (aka Item Shop / Avatar Items) => Prepaid, ePoints®, OTA
* Gunbound Philippine Service was moved back to Gunbound International Service.

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