World of Warcraft Achievements on Facebook

All of us are gamers here, right? And most of us I am sure have a Facebook account, correct? I found a new application for Facebook catered for the gamers of World of Warcraft which you will surely love.

Follow up:

Thanks to Mike Schramm of for reporting his find of this awesome Facebook application called Achieved.

What it does is it posts your most recent Achievements in WoW to your Facebook profile for all your friends to see. It pulls its data from the official World of Warcraft Armory every 15 minutes (currently). Cool?

Maybe you are thinking, “I don’t want to spam my non-WoW friends of my achievements”. My question to you, “Are you, really?” Think about this, your non-WoW friends are already spamming you with their Facebook game achievements! Not only that, they are spamming you already with their Facebook game invites!!

So what is posting your latest WoW Achievements compared to the Facebook spam your friends are sending you? It is not like you gain a new achievement every minute or so, unless you are already hacking the game. Compare what Achieved will be posting to that of the Facebook game achievements your friends are sending, yours will be less frequent.

Besides, this Facebook application provides you with options. You can choose to post it as your Facebook status message. You can choose to post it as your Facebook story. You can choose to just include the application as a widget on your profile (frontpage or in the boxes section). Or you can choose to do everything.. it is all up to you.

Neat? Here’s more: Achieved is available in free and one-time fee mode. The difference? By paying or more accurately donating, at least 0.99 Canadian Dollars, the application will unlock a new feature – the ability to post every new achievement automatically.

Without this feature, you have to login to your Facebook account, go to the application, and click the + buttons besides each unpublished Achievements. Again, you decide.

Just go to the application’s page here: Achieved (for World of Warcraft) or get the application now.

[via Mike Schramm of]

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