Star Trek Online: Year 2385 – the Year of Intergalactic Peace?

The latest story of Star Trek leading up to the MMO’s ‘Present’ time has been posted. The highlights are:

Follow up:

  • Starfleet Command completed its re-evaluation of all of its post-Dominion War assets and resources; will now refocus back to defense, diplomacy, exploration, and scientific discovery.
  • The ship U.S.S. Enterprise-E will be back to its original purpose, “The flagship of Starfleet is not a warship”, says Commander Marie Durant.
  • On Stardate 62230.13, the Klingon Empire started expelling all non-Klingon residents of Khitomer as a “safety measure”.
  • The Enterprise-E is assisting in the relocation of the expelled Khitomer residents, its final mission before returning to Planet Earth
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s Khitomar assistance mission was his final as well. He takes up the post as the Federation Ambassador to Vulcan.
  • Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher accepts the position of Captain of the U.S.S. Pasteur, an Olympic-class ship. Her first mission is to assist in rebuilding medical facilities on Cardassia Prime.
  • Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge is on a long-term leave of absence from Starfleet, to work on personal projects like building and testing his own starship designs.
  • Chief Engineer La Forge’s first project is to assist the Soong Foundation in studying the Soong-type android B-4.
  • The Soong Foundation and Chief Engineer La Forge unlocked the “Data matrix”, accessing the personality, knowledge, and memories of Data.
  • The Data persona asserts itself over B-4’s programming and assisted the Foundation in upgrading the android’s brain and recreate the emotion chip invented by Dr. Noonien Soong.
  • Worf, son of Mogh, left Starfleet. He returns to Qo’noS and is now the Lead Ambassador.
  • The Enterprise-E docked at the shipyards of Utopia Planitia for an extensive refit. The refit will take at least a year because the Corps of Engineers are going to use the ship as a testing ground for new technology.
  • Starfleet Command decided to dismantle its Borg task force after years of silence from the Borg. “We can’t keep waiting for something that may never happen”, says Durant. “And most of our analysts now agree that Voyager dealth them a bigger blow in the Delta Quadrant than we initially believed.”
  • Annika Hansen, formerly known as Seven of Nine, disagrees and left Starfleet in protest. The former Borg says that “The Borg will return. If the Federation is not prepared, it will be their end.”
  • The worlds of the Imperial Romulan State are folded back into the Romulan Star Empire after all three parties in the Romulan internal conflict found a peaceful solution.
  • Senator Chulan is the new Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire. Federation analysts predict that without the backing of a coalition of factions, Chulan will be a weak leader.

All of these occurred on the year 2385, twenty-four years ago from the present time – Year 2409.

Read it here: Road to 2409: 2385.

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