Social Networking Service (SNS) List – October 9, 2006 Monday

October 9, 2006 Monday – Latest SNS list in the Philippines.

Follow up:

Social Networking Service (SNS)
1) Dreamville Philippines | Dream-PH
Official PH-Site:
Publisher: E-Games Philippines |
Company: IP E-Games, Inc. |

Status: Commercial
Subscription: Item Shop

2) GoPets Philippines | GP-PH
Official PH-Site:
Publisher: Mobius Online |
Company: Digital Media Exchange, Inc. (dme) |

Status: Commercial
Subscription: Item Shop => ePoints®

3) juanworld | jw (backend: iWorldPortal)
Official PH-Site:
Publisher: netGames |
Company: netGames, Inc. / ePLDT |

Status: Commercial
Subscription: Item Shop => Prepaid

4) There! Philippines | There! Philippines
Official PH-Site:
Publisher: GrooveNet, Inc |
Company: GrooveNet, Inc |

Status: Alpha Test
Subscription: ???

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