PRESS RELEASE: Registration for DEKARON Closed Beta Testing Now Open


DEKARON CBT Registration Now Ongoing

Registration for the closed beta testing of Dekaron for Southeast Asia officially begins Wednesday, July 23.

Gamers, who have been eagerly anticipating the release of Dekaron in the SEA region, can now head over to the special splash page created by mobiusgames for the said registration. The address is

Earlier this year, mobiusgames already announced its plans of big surprises for 2008. With the back-to-back release of GONG! and Dekaron, mobiusgames seems to be going not just for “big”, but for “massively epic proportions.”

Follow up:

Dekaron is hailed all over the world as the most violent MMORPG title to date. It is set in the world of “Trieste”, a hauntingly beautiful place of medieval fantasy that combines epic adventure with gruesome violence. Through six (6) different character classes, players can join the fight against the evil known as “Karon”, ridding the world of the corruption, or simply put, “Dekaron”.

Dekaron can be played for free. For more information, visit the official website: .

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