Pirates of the Caribbean Online – Beta Test

If you don’t know it yet, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online has reached its “Beta” test status. PotCO’s engine is based on Toontown Online, thus an old PC will be able to run PotCO. Another good thing about it is that the Toontown Online engine was recently adopted for MAC, so expect PotCO to be able run for MAC gamers as well.

Follow up:

Pricing? According to Disney, the game will be downloadable with a monthly fee of U$9.95 (or PhP500.00/month). Disney Online will also offer the game as an ad-supported free version. The restriction is that free-game players will only gain access to 1/3 of the total quests and regions of the game world.

The NDA has been lifted, so go on talk about it and search the internet for more info about the game, the lifting of the Official NDA supercedes any PotCO NDA’s you signed.

Expect the game this Spring 2007, while waiting, watch out for the movie premier of the third installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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