Philippine President now have a Second Life

According to Alexander Villafania of, Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is now litereally “in the game”.

It is part of the launch of the Philippine National Innovation Strategy in the National Innovation Summit in Makati happening today. The PNIS is about bringing RP’s competitiveness to greater quality and standards. The summit were organized by the Department of Science and Technology, IBM, Asian Institute of Management’s Policy Center, and the Intellectual Property Office. Togethr with other private organizations like IBM and other government agencies.

Follow up:

The objective is to put the building blocks needed to accelerate innovation and push higher growth to all industries in the Philippines by adopting national policies to develop “an environment conducive to innovation”. This will also help in elevating the skills of the Filipino workers other than upgrading the performance of the producers.

PGMA’s SL avatar is located at the SL IBM Innovation Center together with DOST Secretary Estrella Alabastro and IBM Executive Vice President for Innovation and Technology Nick Donofrio. All three SL avatars were created by Flipside Games President Gabby Dizon, one of the sponsors of the Innovation Summit.

Now all that is left is for the creation of the Philippine Embassy and the Office of the President in Second Life. As ordinary citizens like us can not ‘just create’ these.

This is also good timing, especially that I am formulating a new project to boost the Filipino presence and Community in Second Life. Hopefully I can finish it early (and fast) so I can present it to the existing Pinoy SL’ers.

Congratulations to PGMA and welcome to YOUr Second Life!!

I hope this also serves as a start to convince PGMA that there is money in Online Games/Gaming, and that, (Online) Games is not evil and will not produce “
War-Freak Adults“.

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