Perfect World and Bangu-Bang Mania – New Online Games for the Philippines

Beijing Perfect World Technology Co., Ltd. and Level-Up! Inc. signed an agreement on December 12 to bring the 3-D fantasy online game Perfect World to the Philippines.

Follow up:

Mr. Zhu Qi, Vice-President of Beijing Perfect World Technology Co., Ltd., answered to the question of licensing fee for the game “Perfect World”, he said, that it is U$800,000.00. The CFO of Level-Up! Inc., Mr. Syam Devineni said that they will consider celebrity promotional strategy to market the game to the Filipino gamers. And I really think that they should, as this marketing strategy has been proven to be very effective for the Filipino (and Asian) customers.

An interesting thing to note:

Beijing Perfect World brings a fresh energy to China’s national online gaming industry, which is a milestone that shows people that Chinese games have already gained the ability to compete in and even lead the international gaming market.

I hope to see the same result with the growing number of Filipino game developers and companies, just recently, a company went our to public announcing that they will soon start the closed beta test of Bangu-Bang Mania!, developed by Virtual Titania Amusement Software (ViTAS) Development. Bangu-Bang Mania! is a 3-D fighting game set in 2-D arenas, the characters are robots and are varied between bipeds, quadrupeds and hovercrafts. The game is set for closed beta by January 2007, and again, this will be online, I will categorize this under the Casual Games category.

‘Perfect World’ Enters Philippines on December 12

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