O2Jam Philippines Shuts Down on September 30th

O2Jam Philippines, one of the first Free-to-Play online (casual) game that hit the country and changed the landscape of the Philippine Online Gaming Industry (or P.O.G.I.) forever.

Today however, X-Play (the joint venture between IP e-Games Philippines and GMA New Media) announced that the O2Jam-PH servers are closing down on September 30th. Another online game the brought fun, challenge, and have been a channel for the Filipino gaming generation to meet new friends is bidding farewell.

Follow up:

This is a reality that many gamers, especially the local ones, have not seen frequently, online games do come and go for various reasons. But don’t be sadden by this news because I believe that for every online game that goes offline, there’s a new, fresh, and up-to-date online game that will take the vacuum it has left. (And besides, we already have too many online games locally, and mind you, more are coming – at least 10 more.)

Goodbye O2Jam Philippines!

Dear O2JAM players,

For the last 3 years, O2JAM has been the all time favorite beat Mania game. Its cool beats, frenetic gameplay, cool in-game accessories make it an incredibly fun online casual game.

O2JAM has provided us with fun and entertainment. But all good things must come to an end. It is with a sad heart that we will be closing down O2JAM on September 30, 2009. In line with this, we have opened O2JAM’s Item Shop for free.

The decision to close down O2JAM wasn’t easy but we feel that it is our duty to provide you the best online games. In the months before we came to the decision to close down O2JAM, we have looked at incredibly great beat mania games and we have narrowed down our choices to a chosen few. These new beat mania games capture the essence, the thrill but provide vastly improved graphics and gameplay.

We have met with the best O2JAM guilds and players last month and we showed these new beat mania games and they are thrilled to play it.

In the coming months, we will be making announcements for this new beat mania game and we hope that you will continue to play X-Play titles.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure the O2JAM community that we will continue to take care of you. Look forward to more meetings, and more developments from X-Play. As always, X-Play is dedicated to bring you the best online casual gaming experience.

For any inquiries, feedback or comments, feel free to ask our CMs and GMs.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Source: O2JAM to Close Down by September 30

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