HighStreet5 Open Registration!

Yesterday was the Open Registration for HighStreet5’s Phase 2 of its Closed Beta Test. But why call it CBT when registration is open for all? Simple, for a Casual Game like HS5 and here in East Asia, the transition from CBT to OBT always and “must” have a wipe, but from OBT to Commercial everything stays. So now you get the idea.

Additionally, if you create an account and login before December 5th, you will get 1,000 Free Cash Points! This is what you would be getting if load top-up is available now (and this is the reason why it is CBT Phase 2, they need to wipe these free cash and items before OBT).

Follow up:

HS5 version 0.7 is also out, major fix is of course the client crashes randomly when a new song is loaded (which made me go back to HS5 China servers), now that it’s fixed, time to dance away with my fellow ASEANs, and so should you! Also, 16 new songs were added with this patch as well as other fixes and “re-translations”.

Finally, you may want to join and login now as today is the last day of the “Party Together, Closed Beta Players” event. Just visit HS5’s “Hip-Hop High School” area between 11:00am to 9:00pm ACT (ASEAN Common Time) to join the party. Wear your best clothes and simply have fun!

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What are you waiting for? Dance now by registering here: www.highstreet5.com/a>.

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