Acclaim Launches DANCE! ONLINE Game

Acclaim’s DANCE! Online game is now OPEN BETA. If you’re Asian and you’re reading this, DANCE! is the Western version of the popular Chinese made online dance game – Super Dancer Online (aka Dance, Dance Revolution Online).

Read on for the news from Acclaim.

Follow up:

Acclaim Games announces the start of Open BETA testing for DANCE! Online,
the first free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Dancing Game to hit the
US. DANCE! Online BETA is now immediately available to all registered
players to play for free with their friends.

Acclaim has also partnered with Warner Music Group to receive songs from
their library of classic chart-topping hits and upcoming releases from hot
new artists. New songs will be patched in periodically to keep the
selection fresh with new music and different styles.

Players can use either the keyboard or a dance pad to match the beat of the
song and make their character perform choreographed dance steps. This
makes for very fun and addicting gameplay as you groove to the music for
combos. The game features up to 6 players dancing together and includes a
variety of game modes and options. You can even gain weight if you don’t
exercise and get thin again by dancing or get married and dance in couples!

Players will be able to purchase optional items from the game shop to
customize their characters with clothing and various accessories. The game
will also be supported by in-game advertising.

To play DANCE! Online, you must first download and install the latest BETA
client available at Please
report any bugs and issues to the Report a Bug forum on the message boards
at For more
information, please visit

Now get ready to DANCE!!


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