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When we talk about the Star Trek franchise, the number one question is “which source?” Then followed by, “is it canon?”

In Star Trek, canon stories are those that are “live-action” shows, these are the TV series and the Movies. Anything beyond that is considered non-canon, by most. We are not going to go over the whole history of how we determine which is canon and which isn’t when we talk about Star Trek.

Follow up:

Instead, we will talk about Star Trek Online and whether it is canon or not. MTV’s Multiplayer Blog interviewed STO’s executive producer Craig Zinkievich of Cryptic Studios. Here are the points made in the interview about the canon status of Star Trek Online.

  • Cryptic Studios is working really close with CBS, as they own the license, they also know every little bit of detail about the Star Trek Universe, from the live-action shows down to the books
  • Star Trek Online is true to the shows and movies timeline
  • The novels are considered “soft canon”, with more galactic conflicts
  • The Star Trek Community in general are very important in the development, they don’t “tune them out”
  • They’ve talked with J.J. Abrams’ and worked closely with CBS to make sure anything they’ve (J.J. Abrams) been doing (Star Trek XI) matches up with what we’re (STO) doing, but there aren’t massive tie-ins. STO is continuing the franchise

If you are not aware of the setting for Star Trek Online, here are some clues or spoilers:

  • Takes place in 2409 (25th Century), 30 years after the tenth movie, Star Trek: Nemesis
  • The Khitomer Accords has broken down
  • The Klingons are at the Federation’s throat, and they’re on the verge of an all-out war
  • In 2384, the Klingon Empire expelled the Gorn diplomats and stationed Klingon ships in the Klingon Empire – Gorn Hegemony border
  • In 2384, the Romulan Star Empire is on the verge of a galactic civil war
  • In 2382, the Klingon Empire retook Khitomer and the sector surrounding it, claiming that “the Empire is simply reclaiming territory that belonged to the Klingons by right”
  • In 2382, Ambassador Spock is highly in favor of the “Unification movement”, uniting the Romulans and the Vulcans
  • In 2382, the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) or more known as The Doctor files a lawsuit to block the transfer of the mobile emitter, arguing that he is a sentient being who acted as a member of Starfleet during Voyager’s time in the Delta Quadrant, and that the mobile emitter is necessary to his quality of life and performance of his duties. This has become a legal issue in the Federation, as to the rights of artificial life forms.

* If you want to know more, visit: STO’s Fiction Updates page.

Here’s a video for you, the endless possibilities of Star Trek Online’s Alien Creator:

And here’s the 1st Official Trailer of Star Trek Online:

I leave to you a question and please answer below via our comments system. Based on your own point-of-view, is Star Trek Online a canon or not? Why or why not?

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