Red Cross Taps Online Gaming

You don’t need Magic to Save Lives

In an effort to bring in more fresh and young blood donors, the Singapore Red Cross is tapping online gaming where their target bloods (no, it has nothing to do with vampires) are mostly found.

I suggested that a few days ago in my ASEAN Year-Ender post, go to where the new generation are flocking – online gaming (and blogging/micro-blogging).

Follow up:

The Singapore Red Cross and Granado Espada (by IAHGames) partnered up to bring the first blood donation event the Red Affair. The details are:

  • What: The Red Affair
  • When: January 3 to 4, 2009, from 1100H to 1700H
  • Where: Red Dot Traffic Design Museum (Inside Red Dot Traffic Building)

There is no better way to get these gamers out than by providing rewards especially if these rewards will be for their in-game lives.

  • The first 50 people will get 1 packet of Grando Espada: The Zeia Special Edition Red Packets and 1 Rabbit Grindstone
  • The first 200 donors will receive awesome limited edition items:

    • White Christatus
    • Rabbit Grindstone
    • 2 packs of Granado Espada: The Zeia Special Edition Red Packets
    • Settlers Cafe Vouchers

It doesn’t stop there! IAHGames will also be giving DVDs of the Fifa Online 2 soccer game. The donors will receive a heroic award to a group who donate the most amount of blood. They will also be mentioned on the game’s website as well as on the newsletter.

“It’s in your blood to save lives, all it takes is just 60 minutes of your time today, to save 3 lives tomorrow.”

For more info visit the event page: Donate Blood @ The Red Affair.

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