Forgotten Realms Map Copied by a Chinese MMO

Remember this? “Chinese MMO rips-off Popular Online Games

Spectator, left a comment and showed us the striking similarity of Aurora Blade’s game world map with Dungeons & Dragons highly popular campaign…

Follow up:

Forgotten Realms. According to Spectator, the said MMO used an old map of Faerun (the subcontinent in the world of FR). I checked it out, resized the high-resolution old map of Faerun and the similarity is undeniable.

Aurora Blade

Forgotten Realms: Western Faerun

The Aurora Blade Chinese map was taken from this post, from the official English forums of the MMO. While the Faerun map was from Wizards of the Coast.

Hint: Save the two images above into a clean folder. Then open one image and cycle between them (press the left or right arrow of your keyboard).

If the Aurora Blade Chinese map is real – and the gamer who posted it in the official AB Forums wasn’t pulling a trick – then it is… in your opinion? Unethical? A violation of International Laws (but if I remember correctly, China is not a signatory of the International Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Law)? Or is it okay? It doesn’t matter because someone else did it before (and they’re more popular than the original)?

What do YOU think?

Credit goes to Spectator. Thanks!

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