A Match made in HELL

With the latest expansion of World of Warcraft, gamers can now create a Death Knight. At the same time, everybody is waiting for the patch where we will be able to meet Arthas, the Lich King (although technically, Nerzul and Arthas’ spirits fused to form a new spirit-entity, but Blizzard calls him ‘Lich King Arthas’).

This is making Blizzard’s Death Knight very popular, slowly and surely catching up with DragonLance’s Lord Soth. But can Arthas truly match the might of Loren Soth?

Follow up:

Lord Loren Soth is the most popular Death Knight in the world of fiction (if you do not know him, time to brush up your Death Knight history). He is known to be the most cunning, most evil, most powerful entity to ever exist, even forcing the realm of Ravenloft to kick him out and return him to the world of DragonLance.

Lord Soth even had the guts to say ‘no’ to an offer from the goddess – the Dark Queen Takhisis during the War of Souls. He did his best to have the soul of the beautiful Blue Lady, Kitiara. He killed countless of mortals. He can instill fear to the fearless Kenders. His touch is deadly, and he can kill just by saying ‘Die’. Even the gods respects him.

From the realm of WarCraft, there was Lich King Nerzhul who later made Prince Arthas to wear the Lich King’s armour infusing their two spirits into one. He is also very cunning and very evil, rivaling Lord Soth. He has the guts to defy his creator, a member of the Burning Legion. Who in-turn wants him dead or alive.

Arthas killed his father, the King of Lordaeron. He killed his own citizens. (Though their spirits haven’t infused yet.) He has a sword called Frostmourne that steals souls and kill outright. He creates armies of not just the undead mortal races but dragons as well. He is no longer a Prince of Lordaeron but the King of the Undead.

Two deadly Death Knights who defies their creators, separated by an unimaginable distance, not a chance of even sensing each other’s defying presence. Then one fateful night, two mages from the two worlds were summoning a portal both at the very exact moment. By some heavenly or hellish intervention, the portals linked the two worlds.

Lord Soth and the Lich King sensed each other’s presence and turned the two worlds into their huge battleground. Unleashing their full might and power against each other. Killing even more mortals, raising even more undead. Neither are willing to yield. Both wants to enforce their will by force before they join together in conquering worlds.

Who would win? Who has the advantage? Is this duel to hell all about power?

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