Attack of the Wolves

Manila, Philippines – May 22, 2009 – mobiusgames and Softnyx today are releasing WolfTeam to the Philippine gaming market. The game’s scheduled release brings to players a new first person shooter game based on one of the world’s most successful genres as part of mobiusgames’ plan to bring high quality MMO entertainment to South East Asian audiences.

We are all strapping down weapons and gearing up for the coming assaults of wolf-soldiers that threaten to horde the servers once the game portal goes up.

Follow up:

Morale is high at mobiusgames as this title is a highly anticipated twist to the FPS genre. Players themselves have been exposed to countless Counter-strike clones, but are not immediately satisfied with the current titles out on the Philippine market. By adding new features, its own weapon lineup, and the unique presence of Dire-Wolves, the game is sure to turn a few heads and bring a new tactical perspective to the genre.

“Despite the tough economic slump, the video game industry continues to grow! Though there’s a lot of tough competition out there, we strive to always give our players something unique to call their own.” said Scott Countryman, CEO of mobiusgames.

The main focus of Wolf Team is to bring the FPS genre back to its peak here in the Philippines. By combining such aspects as a great development team, as well as a well known publisher not only in the Philippines but in SEA, the title is sure to bring in a lot of success and enjoyment to Philippine gamers.

Check out some of the key features of WolfTeam!

  • 8 Different wolf forms to choose from
  • A wide variety of weapons and weapon customizations
  • Licensed music from the movie “Underworld” that adds more flavor and intensity to your battles.
  • Free-To-Play

Made by the creators of “Fortress”, the Softnyx team has once again outdone themselves in creating a new and unique media for the discerning gamer. WolfTeam also boasts the SRS technology, bringing you a unique sound experience that also enhances the sense of hearing so that you can hear the enemy’s footsteps around the corner, or the growl of a hungry wolf behind you.

So what are you waiting for? Download the full client now. Strap up with gear, take your dose of “Anti-Epoxyn,” and head out into the field soldier!

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