The9 Bid Farewell to World of Warcraft China

MMOsite reported today that The9, the publisher of World of Warcraft in China pulled-the-plug on the servers three days ago, on June 6th.

The9, known as the largest online game publisher in the world (even though they only service China) bid farewell to their WoW-CN players. Many who followed WoW and The9 are aware of the problems between the publisher and the game’s developer Blizzard Entertainment.

WoW-CN players now have to wait two weeks before they can enter the world of Azeroth again, as they go in transition from the (now) former publisher The9, to the new publisher, Inc.

NetEase is the publisher of Fly For Fun in China, and the developer of Westward Journey Online II, Fantasy Westward Journey, and Westward Journey 3. They also operate the most popular web portal in China called

For the complete report, visit WOW(CN) Shut Down, The9 Says Goodbye.

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