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Dekaron SEA, the newest heavy-hitter in the local online gaming scene, has been on Open Beta for a few days now. mobiusgames, the premier pioneer in the gaming industry for the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia recently announced that Dekaron SEA, “the most anticipated MMORPG of the Year” is now more massive than ever as it enters the Open Beta Testing (OBT) stage.

mobiusgames has several events and promos to keep players “gaming at the edge of [their] seats”. With twice the EXP and Drop rates in effect until the OBT ends in September 23, gamers are taking the opportunity to explore and experience what has been hailed all over the world as “the most violent gaming experience online”.

Dekaron is known for its visually stunning graphics and intense gameplay. Set in the savagely beautiful world of Trieste, Dekaron tells of the struggle to destroy the evil Karon (or DeKaron for short).

The OBT is FREE for everyone to join. You must have a mobiusgames account to “test your courage, join the carnage”.

For more information, please visit the website @

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