(Update #3) HEROES: Villains Coming to CS9

CS9, a Philippine TV Network that was born out of the joining of C/S (Crime/Suspense) and RPN9, just finished airing Season 2 of the hit TV series HEROES tonight.

After the last episode, they aired the Season 3 Special Primer where the Heroes gave the fans a recap of Season 1 and 2, at the same time teasing everyone with Season 3 scenes, the questions left hanging (who shot Nathan Petrelli?), and even more questions like “if Sylar was imprisoned on the Level 3 of the Company, what and/or who is on Level 5?”

(Update #3: Season 3, Heroes: Villains premiered on CS9 on November 17, 2008. One episode weekly, from 8:00pm to 9:00pm.)

Follow up:

In this special primer, they mentioned about HEROES Evolutions:

Go beyond your television screen and take the next leap forward with Heroes Evolutions.

Dive into the Heroes universe with interactive mysteries, games, puzzles, character websites, and new stories you will only discover in the world of Heroes Evolutions.

Online, offline, and on your phone, Heroes Evolutions brings the adventure into every corner of your world.

Heroes Evolutions offers the following:

  • Walkthrough of Seasons 1 to 3
  • Heroes Wiki
  • (Animated) Graphic Novels
  • Heroes Rewind (watch full episodes)
  • Episode Recaps
  • Heroes Feeds (ie Atom/XML/RDF/RSS)
  • U$1000 Sweepstakes
  • Featured Videos
  • and more…

More? Meet the Mailman who have the power of sending sound waves that can pop your eardrums and kill you. This is the first Heroes Webisode series entitled “Heroes: Going Postal“.

Kiko Ellsworth as Echo DeMille

Going Postal, according to the official website, is a trilogy webisode. The third webisode of Going Postal was released already and so, we should expect a new Webisode series any time (unless they have a different meaning about “webisode trilogy”).

These webisodes and other materials produced, like the first Novel “Saving Charlie” are all canon – meaning it is considered part of the universe. Anything that happens and told in these non-TV stories will affect and can reflect in the TV series. That makes it…

Awesome! Most of the time, stories made not-for-TV are considered non-canon even though it was an “official” material or production (and even if the creator wrote it). This makes Heroes one of the few, or should I say, rare moments were canon-stories can also be found in other mediums. You should watch the Going Postal trilogy because one of the questions was answered here.. and I believe we will see Echo in Season 3 (or maybe Season 4) in the future.

Finally, visit the real and official websites and blogs of the different companies and characters in the series:

Oh, about Season 3? As the post title says “Heroes: Villains Coming to CS9″ :p They aired the Season 3 Special Primer for that and they’ve been showing commercials of HEROES: Villains since October. However, no exact premier date were given, we can just hope that next Monday, 17th of November, we will see Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 3, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.


If I understood it correctly, the next Webisode series is entitled “Heroes: Destiny“. A new hero created by the fans in the Create Your Hero contest. Watch the trailer:

Heroes: Destiny will premier today (US time), 10th of November 2008.

(Update #2: Season 3, Heroes: Villains premiered on CS9 on November 17, 2008. Two episodes weekly, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.)

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