Globelines Broadband Poor Service

Globelines Broadband and/or Globe Innove, the top-rated broadband ISP in the Philippines… wait, that’s not true anymore, their service is going down and down.. and down… down. down…

What is happening with them? Is this still part of the Taiwan Quake? They are not giving any official word about the frequent disconnections of their internet service, not even that, but their land line service – imagine your dial tone disappearing right when you are to make a very important business call! With that, you know already that your internet is gone with it.

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Follow up:

Then, as any PAYING SUBSCRIBER will do, s/he will call the company’s tech support. All you will hear are 60s or 70s songs for 3 hours or more – NO ONE will answer your call, you might as well hang-up and pray or curse them, where are they? Do they only have 1 tech support call agent? From my experience, it was only twice they ever attended their tech support line (and one of that, their solution for their Globelines DNS downtime is to give us an OpenDNS IP addresses… lolz!)

If you’re not getting disconnected or losing dial tones, you are getting slow to snail internet speed, 14.4kbps modems of 10 years ago are faster than what we’re getting right now from Globe. And how long has this been going? Weeks already, weeks that already turned into months, and instead of improving, it continually degenerates. I’ll be already lucky if this post gets through, if I don’t get timeouts from Globelines DSL.

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