What You Should Know About the Dual-Class System

Runes of Magic is one of the few Massively Multiplayer Online Game that features a dual-class system. It is a feature that allows a player to choose two classes for his/her character and be able to use the skills of both at the same time.

If you have played a similar game before, for example the pen-and-paper Dungeons & Dragons game or maybe Guild Wars, RoM is similar. But in RoM, you can switch your primary and secondary classes which no other game that I know allows, this is RoM’s dual-class system – it differs from the rest.

Let’s take for example that you started your character as a Scout, then took up the Rogue class as your secondary along the way. Sometime later you decided you want to try playing a Rogue/Scout combo, what do you do? The common answer is: you reroll a character.

Follow up:

Not in Runes of Magic, you simply switched your Primary/Secondary classes and you are as good as a new character. The “Elite Skills” that are only available to “Primary” classes are available to your “new” Primary class. Cool eh?

Here are the important details you should remember when you create your first character:

  • You start with only 1 class.
  • Upon reaching level 10, you can get your “Secondary” class.
  • It is permanent, so choose wisely.
  • You can only level your active/current primary class. To level your secondary class, you have to switch classes (via your House or Trainers).
  • Talent Points (TPs) earned by your active primary class can only be used by that class.
  • There are three types of skills or spells, namely:
    • General Skills – these skills are usable regardless if the class is an active “Primary” or not.
    • Primary-specific Skills – these skills are only available if the class is the active primary.
    • Elite Skills – these skills can be acquired by taking up Trainer Quests. It depends on your current “Primary/Secondary” class-combo, and it depends on your active primary class.
  • You use the “Equipment Set Switch” button (go to your Character tab by pressing ‘C’) to switch equipments. This is useful if your primary and secondary classes have a different weapon and armour restrictions.
  • The level of your secondary class will always be no higher than your current primary class. If your Mage/Priest is level 40/20 and you switched to Priest/Mage, it will show as 20/20.
    • If you leveled your Priest/Mage by 2, it will show as 22/22.
    • If you switch back to Mage/Priest, it will now show as 40/22.

Additionally, you also gain 10% of your secondary class’ attributes. For example, if your secondary class’ INT attribute is 100, your primary class gains 10% of it which is 10 INT.

You have to remember that the purpose of your secondary class is to augment your primary class’ skills or spells. If your active/current primary class is a Warrior and your secondary is a Priest – you are still a Warrior. If you switch your classes to Priest/Warrior, then you become a Priest and not a Warrior. It is important to remember that. Why? Because your character attributes, skills/spells, and weapon-armour restrictions relies on your primary class and not your secondary class.

RoM’s dual-class system is your escape from creating a new character, and if you want to play a different class instead of going back to the character selection screen, you just go to your House or a Trainer offering class-switch services (it is free-of-charge), and you are as good as a new character.

Is it good? In many ways yes. Other than getting Elite Skills, you do not have to restart training up your crafting/gathering professions like Blacksmithing and Herbalism. There is also a guarantee that your guildmate knows how to play his “other” class because sooner or later s/he have to level up that class – that is if he ever wants to take advantage of the Elite Skills and being able to use an upgraded General skill from that other class.

Finally, when you choose your class-combo be sure to check the finer details like the weapon-armour restrictions and Elite Skills that you can use. You need to plan, especially that in this game, being a single class is not really an option (you can but you will be less than everybody else). Of course do not forget that whatever you choose, it should fit your preferred play style. Are you a melee player? A caster perhaps? And do you like tanking or healing?

To help you with that, I will be posting the class-combos that are available for each base class in the next few days. The links will be available below, so bookmark this post now. (Press CTRL+D)

  • Knight Class-Combo
  • Mage Class-Combo
  • Priest Class-Combo
  • Rogue Class-Combo
  • Scout Class-Combo
  • Warrior Class-Combo

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