What Are Runes of Magic AddOns?

Runes of Magic is one of the few massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG, that allows use of addons. The use of addons is new in the Philippine Online Gaming scene, not only does it make the local gamers cautious but many simply ignore it for fear that it is a hack tool, a bot, or just a keylogger.

I will tell you now: addons are legal. As you can see in the screenshot below…

(click to enlarge)

Follow up:

Convinced? I hope so. The question now: where to find addons and which addons to use?

To answer your first question, the best place to find addons for Runes of Magic are the following sites:

You can also use Curse’s AddOn Updater tool. It is safe, go install the tool by downloading it here. If you want to install it on your Debian-based Linux machine (like Ubuntu), you can follow my instructions here. (Yes, Runes of Magic runs on Linux.)

Your second question: Which addons to use? Well that depends on what you want and on how you play. Each class have different needs and each role (Tanker, Healer, DPS) have different play styles. For healer roles and classes, you will want addons that allow you to see at first glance which of your party/raid members requires immediate attention.

If you are a tanker, you will want an addon that will let you see which of your party/raid members are getting too much attention (aggro/threat level) and warn him to stop for a while to allow you to build up threat (again). Caster types may want to use an addon that will alert them of previous casted spells ready for another round of casting. Or maybe you want an addon that gives you the ability to show all the bar slots – all 80 of them! (80 slots as of this writing)

It could be anything. If there is an addon available then you are in luck, just install it and set it up, voila enjoy your game. But if the addon that you are looking for is not available, then you either have to learn how to create an addon (first you need to learn: Lua programming language), then study RoM’s addon system, and do a lot of testing. Or you can go find someone who knows how to program an addon and file a request.

Probably, most of you are not Lua programmers. Probably, you also want to just jump right in and use addons instead of spending countless of hours searching for the “right” addon for you. I can help you with that, but I can not help you find the “right” addon. As I’ve said earlier, each of us have different needs, different play style, different tastes.

In the next few days, I will go through a series of RoM AddOns I have personally tried and recommended to our guild. For some of these addons, I will also provide a short guide on how to make it compatible with Runes of Magic Philippines. Then after I’m done with it, maybe I will do a review of the other addons (that I do not use or previously used).

For now, if you can not wait simply visit the links I provided above and start using addons that will help you be efficient and at the same time make the game even more enjoyable.

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