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Welcome to the Runes of Magic blog of the gameshogun™ blognetwork. Obviously, this will be a dedicated sub-blog of gameshogun for RoM, which is the best free-to-play MMOG I have seen.

It is that great and impressive that I decided to finally play a free-to-play (client-install) MMOG with an Item Mall, and I will dedicate some of my time to it. I will be playing on the Philippine server for RoM once it enters OBT, as a Scout/Knight. A Scout/Knight as defined by Curse’s RoM Wiki is:

a combination which has a broad variety of effects, giving them a damaging Root, a ranged heal, a slight buff to Enhanced Armor, a skill converting mana into focus on demand, and a buff to Healing Shot, causing it to recover mana in addition to health.

Follow up:

If you switch classes, you then become a Knight/Scout which is:

a combination that focuses on the knight’s tanking skills, giving them a ranged taunt, a buff to Holy Strike, a monster type specific root, a ranged area of effect taunt, and an additional chance to reduce damage dealt when using Heavenly Arrow.

Which by the looks of it, a good combination for end-game raiding. I chose this particular combination not because of what any site or players says about it but rather because this is my usual game style – a Hunter type class primarily, and a Knight or Paladin type class as my second option. Since in Runes of Magic we can dual-class, I chose these two together.

I’ll be honest with you. I am a newb (not “n00b”) in RoM, and so the first batch of articles you will see here will be about my adventures on the world of Taborea, the planet in the Runes of Magic Universe. You will also see here tips, guides, walkthroughs, how-to’s, and other crazy stuff targeted towards the Filipino gamers of RoM. Oh, did I mention I am also going to show you safe add-ons you can, well, “add” to your client? No, it is not cheating and it is perfectly legal. ;)

Runes of Magic is a 3d Generation MMOG. It’s gameplay and features were all based and taken out from all the different MMOGs (of course with new and unique features too) – from the very first which is Ultima Online (in the West) and Lineage (in the East), to the 2d Generation curtain closers Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. (Some will argue that Meridian 59 was the first MMOG, I say no, it is a 2.5D MUD.)

In other words RoM is different, very different than all the local games in the Philippines. If you played the likes of GW, WoW, Lord of the Rings Online, Warhammer Online, Tabula Rasa, and Vanguard then RoM will look familiar to you (some people call it a “WoW Clone”, some call it a “WAR Clone”, but that’s a topic for another day) and it will also be easy to play.

But if you were mainly exposed to 2d Generation MMOGs up to before the GW-WoW curtain closing period and except Lineage II, this game will be a whole new game for you and your guild. Gone are the days of camping monsters and hopefully no kill-stealer or ninja-looter will steal your kill or loot. Gone are the days of killing a boss mob by sheer number and force – this time you have to learn (or figure out) the optimal strategy in killing these boss mobs. Through RoM-PH, you the players and your guilds have to up your skills to the next level.

If you are up to the challenge, rewards such as Moa’s Heart Striker and Moa’s Extinguisher are waiting for you. They also have these “blank” items that can be combined to other items:
Flower Thorn
Oriental Royal Military Dagger

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* I use “generations” when defining MMOG era.

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