Runes of Magic Philippines Gearing Up for Closed Beta

A few hours ago, Runes of Magic Philippines closed down its servers signaling the end of the Alpha Testing. But this is only the beginning, because on the 28th of November 2009 at exactly 0000H, RoM-PH will once again go online – the much awaited Closed Beta Test will commence.

It doesn’t end there!

Follow up:

If you were able to play Runes of Magic during its Alpha Test (or maybe you already played in the North American or European servers), now is you chance to put those game knowledge and skills to good use.

Here are the things where you will surely benefit.

The RoM-PH team is currently looking for gamers with the know-how about the game. You will be a Game Assistant who will guide and teach players during the freeplay sessions of RoM-PH in different iCafes and events.

Here are the requirements:

  • Resume / Cover Letter / Letter of Intent to Apply (nn. use PDF)
  • A photocopy of 1-2 Valid IDs (school, company, government), with photo and signature (and bring the original ID)
  • Already played Runes of Magic
    • Must have basic knowledge of the game
    • Advance knowledge is a plus
  • Able to communicate well to the newbies (nb. not n00bs)
  • Must be patient, passionate, dedicated, and hardworking
  • Willing to undergo training on December 1, 2009

Currently available areas are the following:


  • University Belt
  • Olivarez
  • Capitol View
  • Anonas
  • Pureza / Theresa

Simply submit your application (with complete requirements) to before November 30, 2009.

Hired trainors will receive 300 e-Points and an exclusive in-game item from the RoM-PH Team when the Open Beta Test begins.

If you still have not heard it, this coming Saturday, 28th of November 2009 is the Rode to Domination IV event at the SMX Convention Center!

Here are the events you can join and use those expert skills of yours.

Dungeon Raid

  • Form a group of 5 members and register at the Runes of Magic booth.
  • Registration starts at exactly 10:00am
  • Limited to 12 teams only, first come first serve
  • Players are not allowed to join in multiple teams

Raid Mechanics

  • The Dungeon Raid will start at exactly 12:00nn
  • Each member of the team will be given 5 minutes to setup their character (class combination, skills, and strategies)
  • All characters are pre-made
    • Primary classes of each team must consist of 1 Tank; 2 DPS; and 2 Healers
    • All teams will be given 1 hour to finish the Forsaken Abbey dungeon.
    • In case of system failures or disconnections, inform the marshals immediately.
    • If no one was able to finish the raid, the team who reaches the deepest part and killed the most number of key bosses will be declared as the winner.
    • There will be 3 batches of dungeon raids; and 3 sets of winner per batch.

The Prizes to be won
(each team member)

Level Race

  • Register at the Runes of Magic booth. Registration starts at exactly 10:00am
  • First 15 players will be accepted; first come first serve basis
  • Level Race will start at exactly 11:00am
  • Event facilitator will allot 1 hour for the level race event. First player to have the highest level after the allotted time will be declared as the winner.

The Prizes

See you at R2D4 and in-game soon!

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