More Runes of Magic Freebies!

If at this stage you are already planning and preparing on how you and your guildmates will dominate Runes of Magic Philippines, then you should join e-GamesRoad to Domination IV.

I am sure that the in-game items they are going to give away will help you in your quest for domination. Let’s take a look at what’s in-store for all attendees.

Follow up:

The first 40 players to sign-up at the Runes of Magic booth will get the following cool items:

But that’s not all! The first 20 will get a Royal Reindeer Mount (30 Days) (see screenshot), and the second 20 (ie. 21st to 40th sign-up) will get Blood Ostrich Mount (7 Days) (see screenshot).

RoM Hourly Raffle

  • Present 20ep and register at the Runes of Magic booth and you will receive 1 raffle entry.
  • Each raffle entry entitles you to join the Runes of Magic Hourly Raffle.
  • Every hour starting at 12:00nn, the RoM Team will draw 3 Raffle entries. The lucky winner must be at the RoM booth, otherwise, a new raffle will be drawn.

The Prizes!

Gamers who will register at the Runes of Magic booth will receive:

  • 5x CBT activation codes
  • 1x RoM DVD Installer
  • 1x OBT Special Item Package

I wonder what is that special item package, hmm… What do you think?

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