First Screenshots from Runes of Magic Philippines

Runes of Magic Philippines launch Open Beta today, around two in the afternoon after a minor manual patch. Initially, there is only one server named ‘Blackstone’. Only a few minutes after the game went online there was already three channels (or sub-server instance if you will) and all crowded by newbies (and n00bs too).

As expected, there were gamers who are new to this type of 3rd Generation MMORPG. They asked a lot of questions which were answered by concerned and patient gamers who were lucky to join the Alpha and Closed Beta Test of RoM-PH (or played in the International servers).

Follow up:

Everything was fine and well until the server recorded its first official guild registration – Relentless. A name fitting them because they were relentless in their effort to be the RoM-PH’s first guild under two hours since the game went live. An impossible thing to the eyes of those who have not played Runes of Magic but a small challenge to those who have been conquering the world of Taborea for a long time already.

An hour and a half later, by my reckoning, the next official guild was established in-game, the guild Exitializ, founded by ExcEsc. Of course, this prompted a wave of guild requests from the unguilded which every guild master have learned to put through some rigid application process.

Here are five screenshots from RoM-PH’s OBT launch.

re one of the new players, be sure to check out our short guide to Runes of Magic’s Dual-Class System by clicking here. It might save you time and effort – from deciding which one to combine and from restarting all-over again.

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