Protect Adults from Children

Yes, protect adults from children you politicians and anti-game activists! Those children you are dying to protect from an unfounded “games = violence” formula are the first ones who act and say BS.

Don’t get me wrong here, not every kid online do that, but MOST are…

Follow up:

I for one is coming from an extensive online gaming exposure as well as online community/discussion exposure and have seen how these kids of yours start to destroy a very healthy community, let me repeat that again, these kids of yours start to destroy a very HEALTHY community. They are always the first ones to start “hate” and “racism” discussions (and then it will end-up becoming an anti-Asian and anti-Chinese discussion). They are always the first ones to start pushing ideologies and arguments that are very obvious to be full of flaws, but they will not stop, eventually killing the chat rooms of online games and even forums.


In this recording (absolutely, positively NSFW!) an apparent 11-year-old named Hobbs says some of the most funny/disturbing/cringe inducing things during a World of Warcraft raid. Your initial instinct will be to think it’s all fake, but over the 52 minutes worth of audio the realization that it’s all real starts to bubble up as a possibility. The adults find Hobbs amusing at the beginning, but the novelty wanes by the end with people saying they’ll quit the guild if he joins.

Alexander Sliwinski, who wrote Protecting adults from children online, left a statement and questions, and I like to answer those.

It’s moments like this where an age restricted guild might be in order…

I strongly agree. I do not know how many guilds have age restrictions, but most of the guilds I know who have survived for more than 3 years (like my/our guild: Holy Order of the Light) have age restrictions. Not only this will make filtering of applicants easier, but will also protect the organization from possible parent lawsuits, especially in countries where the law can be bend in various ways.

What can adults do to protect themselves from dealing with childrean?

Well, the best way is through a guild. Join a guild whose leaders know what they are doing and what they are supposed to do (that includes leaders who know how to stand firm with their decisions and faced with problems). Simply, do not join a guild whose leaders believe that “age doesn’t matter”. Sooner or later, a politician-backed-terror-and-irresponsible-gamer-kid will join and start terrorizing the peaceful and responsible-gamer adults.

Would you pay extra to have an “adults only” section on Xbox Live?

Definitely yes, especially for two reasons. First, if there are too much irresponsible-gamer kids who know nothing but act as if they invented gaming. Secondly, if that translates to giving us more fun than those kids.

See the difference? Responsible-gamer adults and Irresponsible-gamer kids. So kids, which one are you? An irresponsible-gamer and whiner kid or a responsible and knows how to be humble kid?

Fine fine, they’re kids. Fine, fine, there are also adults who are irresponsible and are whiners. But it is an issue that these politicians and parents must also know. It’s not the game that is the problem, it’s not the adults who their kids play with, most of the time it is their own kid who has the problem. Just from my own experience, I haven’t heard adults cursing and shouting like hell in an iCafe (internet Cafe or PC Bang in Korea), but I always hear kids like that. Don’t tell me that these kids learned to curse and shout from us adults! Coz we ourselves wonder where these kids learn to curse, and why these kids dont have social manners – do you want me to answer that, I know you already know where – their homes, neighborhood, and families.

So, you were saying they’re just kids? That there are also irresponsible adults?

Think about it yourself, especially politicians and parents.

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