Online Game Addiction Causing Real Concerns

And here we are again on this topic, in the past I mentioned that it really is a problem today, but gaming is not the reason for it. I also mentioned, in response to a Filipino politician, that “we will soon produced war-freak adults” because of these games, that the problem really lies at home and the environment where these gamers or more specifically the “new breed” of today’s gamers are and usually hang-out. From their family’s home, their neighborhood, to their schools and universities, to their friends offline. Simply, their “environment”.

Follow up:

According to the executive director of the International Game Developers Association or IGDA, Jason Della Rocca,

“At what point does the ‘World of Warcraft’ become more menacing than the pub down the street?” said Jason Della Rocca, executive director of the International Game Developers Association, based in San Francisco. “It is a game that does consume people, but on the whole, these so-called addictions are more to do with the person than with the games. Someone who is having issues in their personal life will probably withdraw themselves into this world, which is a rich community for interaction.”

Doctors and experts agrees:

Valleur, at the Paris clinic, agreed that usually there are tensions at home that drive players to seek refuge in a virtual world. He estimated that the problem probably strikes 2 percent to 4 percent of players, about the same percentage as problem gamblers.

Didn’t I say that before? Whatever the reasons are why there are drug addicts, gamblers and the like, the reasons may not be so different with those who are addicted to gaming, specifically online gaming. And experts are now establishing clinics and centers in different countries to further accomodate the increasing number of gamers addicted to (online) gaming seeking help and liberation.

About time they increase the clinics, back when the first online game in the Philippines was first announced, I already saw these problems coming, I was there, I was addicted to online gaming, and I know first-hand how hard it is to break away from this type of addiction, and back then there were no clinics, no official studies coz back then it was all text-based online gaming. I don’t know though if there are clinics for such an addiction here in the Philippines or if there are groups going to establish one, I for one will surely like to help these people. I got out of it on my own, my not-so-secret method might work with them – “realization” of their “own life” and death.

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