Enkantadia Adiktus

So what is “Computer and Video Game Addiction”? What are the symptoms? Here’s a short description and a few symptoms…

When time spent on the computer, playing video games or cruising the Internet reaches a point that it harms a child’s or adult’s family and social relationships, or disrupts school or work life, that person may be caught in a cycle of addiction. Like other addictions, the computer or video game has replaced friends and family as the source of a person’s emotional life. Increasingly, to feel good, the addicted person spends more time playing video games or searching the Internet. Time away from the computer or game causes moodiness or withdrawal.

# May incur large phone or credit bills for on-line services.
# Can’t control computer or video game use.
# Fantasy life on-line replaces emotional life with partner.

You can read more about it here: Facts about Computer and Game Addiction by MediaFamily.org.

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