Clinics for Addicted Gamers and Game Tax

China: Clinic offers gamers path back to reality

From China Daily dates July 14, 2006, clinics are starting to offer services to get addicted (online) gamers back to the real-world. This isn’t just in China but more and more clinics are offering this kind of service in other countries around the world.

As I’ve said, this is a serious matter that we on the (online) gaming industry must not ignore or we will only face restrictions from our respective governments in the future.

Speaking of the government,

Follow up:

according to Kotaku, Senator Hillary Clinton is looking for support for her ideas, one is to tax gaming like what governments do for cigarettes. Well, we are indeed gaining the attention of the government. Here in the Philippines? The Philippine government is closely watching the gaming industry and is considering taxing it. After all, how can you tax non-working and underage citizens but through their popular pasttime – (online) gaming.

Clinic offers gamers path back to reality
Clinton to Planning Video Game Tax, Looks for Martyr

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