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Or let me rephrase it, their evidence is weak linking game addiction and violence. So in other words, the argument that “Gamers Will Soon Become War-Freak Adults” was just a politician’s attempt to blame gaming for something the society does not want to blame on them (the politicians).

Again, as I’ve said before, and I will say this again and again, there are many factors that affects one’s attitude and character, as we all know and has been proven time and again, the primary factor is our families and neighborhood we belong to.

Follow up:

Let me add something to that, recent studies, though still more of a theory (but is almost proven) shows that violence is affected or acquired through our genes, our DNA. Just watch Discovery Channel or read scientific journals, research showed that many of today’s criminals, or those involve in gang-wars, and other forms of violence have more than three ancestors who were jailed, put to death for his crimes, or simply ‘violent’.

So please, especially to the parents, let us not blame “gaming” as the source or sole reason for our kid’s aggression and addiction, look right at your home, look at yourself in the mirror, the problem always start right there. If your kid is happy with you and your family, they will give priority to it, if they don’t, then you better start listening to your children.

Me? I play games, I can say that I am addicted to it, but I know when not to play because I know my priorities. If gaming is the ultimate and/or sole reason for such violent character, if gamers will soon become war-freak adults, then I should be dead by now, but here I am, not even “violent”. And with a good paying job and a little business.

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