Supreme Destiny is the next evolution in fantasy MMORPGs

In a digital country like the Philippines, a new online game comes out as often as shells get washed up on the shore. Commonly, these games are set in a fantasy world with nothing but their names to set them apart. Until now.

Imagine Tolkien’s world in glorious 3D, where anyone can choose to be anything he wants. A lowly peasant can become a god knight and an ordinary adventurer, a dragon tamer. No more class restrictions when choosing the kind of mounts that you want to ride. No more race restrictions to limit your character’s potential.

This is the world of Supreme Destiny.

Follow up:

“Supreme Destiny is a traditional MMORPG in steroids,” says Heidi Mendita, IP E-Games Product Management Team Head. “It is set in a traditional fantasy world, with goblins, dragons, and other mystical creatures roaming around, but its systems are nothing like the ones that other existing, locally-published online games have. It allows extensive character growth that lets the player see his characters mature as they progress in the game. It also has a unique food and pet system, and a kingdom system that allows high-level players to join one of the warring kingdoms. Best of all, SD is free to play forever.”

The player starts as a new adventurer in the city of Armia where the Novice Training Grounds is located. Here, four areas with different difficulty settings can be found. Throughout his training, the player will understand more about the world of Supreme Destiny. After the training quest, the player becomes ready to explore other maps and face stronger monsters.

True to IP E-Games’ motto, SD is free to play forever, yet gives gamers the option to buy premium items from the item shop to enhance their game-playing experience.

“Supreme Destiny is about freedom,” says Mendita. “Inside the game, players are free to choose which of the four paths to follow—the path of the Hunter, Transknight, Foema, or Beastmaster. As they progress, they can do countless combinations of skills, weapons, and armors to make each character unique. Outside the game, SD frees the gamer from constantly checking the clock to see how much time they have left to finish a quest before they run out of credit. They can play and be with the online community whenever they want.”

With sophisticated in-game systems, a compelling Genesis-inspired storyline, and a perpetually free-to-play gaming concept, SD brings you to the next evolution in fantasy MMORPGs.

Get ready to achieve godlike status this September.

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