RAN Online’s Episode Two, ALAB server to arrive in September

The next gripping chapter of RAN Online has arrived. Episode Two: Revelations was launched last September 1, 2006, and it has a lesson for its students—nothing is as it seems. Revelations continues the story of RAN Online, the fastest-growing massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in Asia.

In the latest installment, the Sacred Financial Group is somehow linked to the Leonaire campus’ destruction. Tension mounts between the mysterious organization and the schools, and revelations are slowly beginning to unfold. There seems to be more to the Sacred Financial Group than meets the eye.

Follow up:

In addition to the launch of Episode Two, the ALAB server went live to accommodate RAN’s continuously increasing fan base. The server’s name was conceptualized last August, the Philippines’ national language month, thus the Filipino moniker.

Published by IP E-Games, an IPVG company, RAN Online features a modern, campus-style setting where the students have to defend their school against dangerous and evil monsters. Aside from selecting their school, players can also assume any of the four fighting classes: hand-to-hand Combat, Sword, Archery, and Shaman, each class using different martial art styles, attributes, weapons and armors.

Because of the fans’ clamor, more monsters, skills, non-player characters, quests, weapons, and maps are added to the already-brimming content. In addition, the new marriage system would be introduced that lets players tie the knot. If you’ve always wondered how your virtual selves would look like wearing a wedding gown or tux, now’s your chance to find out.

“Episode Two is the much-awaited continuation of the RAN saga, and everyone’s excited about its arrival,” says Steve Tsao, IP E-Games President. “This next episode will reveal more about the enigmatic Sacred Financial Group, among others. Being one of the most successful MMORPGs worldwide, RAN Online has a full pipeline of content to support one of the largest gaming audiences.”

“To satisfy close to a million RAN players, we are continuously providing them the best gaming experience,” says Tsao. “The release of Episode Two and the launch of the ALAB server highlight our commitment to do just that. Expect us to roll out even more quality episodes and continue RAN’s epic tale.”

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