Global online phenomenon coming to the Philippines

Get ready to party! Audition, THE online dancing game taking the world by storm, is coming to the Philippines courtesy of IP E-Games, the country�s fastest-growing game publisher and trailblazer of the unlimited free-to-play concept.

Audition is currently number one in China, Korea, and Taiwan, with partners in Vietnam, Brazil, Chile, and many other countries. According to Electronic Times Internet, an IT news website, Audition has reached 50 million registered users in China, with 400,000 concurrent players. Game ranking sites such as Baidu, reveal that Audition ranks first in all its searches, and is well ahead of games like World of Warcraft.

Follow up:

In Audition, the player controls his or her online character through keyboard commands, with the objective of dancing as closely to the rhythm of the game music as possible. Players can compete against each other in dance battles, either on a one-on-one basis, team-versus-team, and other scenarios such as �Freestyle� dance battles and �Party� dance modes.

IP E-Games, an IPVG company, is the publisher of the smash hit RAN Online (, a modern, campus-style setting where the students have to defend their school against dangerous and evil monsters. IP E-Games also published O2Jam (, the most popular music game in the Philippines, and hosts and maintains Dreamville (, the only community portal based in the country.

�I can�t dance in real life, but even I can pull off some moves in Audition�s virtual dance floor,� says IP E-Games President Steve Tsao. �Audition is consistent with our views that gaming is a lifestyle, and there is more to it than just casting magic spells and hacking through evil slime. We want to continue bringing the best games in the world to the Philippines.�

Audition�s close beta will begin in early October, while its open beta kicks off later during the same month. The game�s commercial launch will be during early November. Online gaming in the Philippines will never be the same.

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