FeedBurner Acquires Blogbeat To Further Expand Internet Feed Offerings

I am one of the invited closed testers of Blogbeat and I like it, and just now, FeedBurner and Blogbeat released a joint Press Release.

Follow up:

Feed-driven, real-time blog analytics complement the market leader’s core feed management services for online publishers

Chicago, IL — July 17, 2006 — FeedBurner (https://www.feedburner.com), the market-leading Internet feed management provider, has acquired Blogbeat (https://www.blogbeat.net), a Raleigh-Durham-based provider of blog analytics. The combined services will give FeedBurner’s 200,000 customers powerful tools for comprehensive comparison of feed subscribers and blog visitors, insight previously not available from a single platform.

“I had been using each of these services separately and am so excited about this acquisition — the very best feed analytics company purchasing the best blog analytics company,” said Robbin F. Steif, CEO of LunaMetrics, LLC (https://www.lunametrics.com), a web analytics and conversion consultancy. “Now I can go to one place for all my blog data — congratulations FeedBurner for making a great choice!”

Blogbeat functionality will be integrated into FeedBurner’s existing suite of free Internet feed management services. The integration will be completed during Q4 2006. During the transition, current Blogbeat customers will continue to be supported with uninterrupted service and will receive full refunds from FeedBurner. Blogbeat will not be adding new users until the integration is complete. Additional and optional fee-based enhancements are slated to launch in 2007.

“Blogbeat’s approach to leveraging feeds as a means to gather information about the blog is directly aligned with ours,” said Steve Olechowski, FeedBurner’s cofounder and Chief Operating Officer. “This expansion supports our goal to provide online publishers with the most comprehensive picture of feed-related activity on the market today. We are looking ahead at more ways to enhance our platform including robust commercial offerings in conjunction with the world’s leading Web statistics companies.”

Blogbeat founder, Jeff Turner, has joined the FeedBurner team as Lead Engineer, Web Analytics. He will remain an integral member of the development of feed-driven statistics services. Additional information about the Blogbeat acquisition is available on the FeedBurner Web site at https://www.feedburner.com/blogbeat.

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