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  • What Are Runes of Magic AddOns?

    Runes of Magic is one of the few massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG, that allows the use of addons. The use of addons is new in the Philippine Online Gaming scene, not only does it make the local gamers cautious but many simply ign…

  • Guild Wars Timeline

    Guild Wars Timeline Moulevian Canthan Elonan Tyria Cantha Elona 10,000 BE Early Pre-Imperial Era (9,490 PIE) (9,800 PDR) Last Sign of Giganticus Lupicus – the great/true giants – walking on Planet Tyria (best guess). 1,769 BE Middle Pre-Imperial Era (1,259 PIE) (1,569 PDR) The Forgotten/Serpents arrived in Planet Tyria. 786 BE Late Pre-Imperial Era (275…

  • Thanks for the links

    Top sites that produced a visit to / by either linking or adding gameshogun to their links. Compuguy1088’s Gaming and Tech Blog – FOO Guild – – IT blog (Saudi Arabia) – PC Gamer Podcast – Pixelante Nation – The Synthesis – TECHMUNDO – Thank you all!!

  • Happy New Year 2011

    Happy New Year 2011 to all the ASEANs and the rest of UTC+0800 !!