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  • Laser Tag Real Life Games

    In contrast to all online games, information about we’ve published earlier, Laser Tag is a game in the real world. To play this game you also need special laser tag equipment, which can be found here. It belongs to the categories of Realtime Shooter or MMORPG. You have your location, you have your own weapon, your goal is to destroy the   opponent’s team players or perform some missions, you can fulfil some role and in some scenarios you can development your character. Come out and play laser tag!

  • Rappelz Obsession Content Patch Update

    Rappelz Philippines is launching it’s newest content patch this 2011 called “Obsession” this March instead of February 2011. Quoted below is an update from EagleGame Philippines:Good day everyone!There has been a change in date of the launch o…

  • NVIDIA and ArcheAge Technology Video

    Here is a tech video showing the latest technologies that comes with nVIDIA® GPU using the magnificent world of the much awaited MMORPG, ArcheAge online.

  • My Automated Election Experience – Bangkal Makati City

    Here are photos from Bangkal Elementary School at Gen. Malvar St, Bangkal, Makati City. This school has been serving the residents of Barangay Bangkal (the other half of Barrio Culi-Culi) for some time already. I arrived at Room 203 or officially Clust…